BDSharp 1.1.0

BDSharp is aimed at the post facility and independent producers who want an easy and powerful professional Blu-ray authoring tool for compilation of Blu-ray movie discs with interactive content. It is fully compliant with all three major video codecs, MPEG-2, H.264(MPEG-4 AVC), VC-1, all audio codecs, LPCM, AC3, MLP(TrueHD), DTS, DTS-HD and subtitles in sup format. BDSharp also supports direct import of Photoshop PSD, Scenarist Designer file and interactive graphics file (*.ies) for producing menus. Other advanced features that BDSharp supports include smart button tracking, radio and check button, batch add (for making multi-episode discs), seamless playlist, multi-version, multi-logo, multi-film, multi-language menu, three playist type(playall, separate, both), loop playback, still time, and much more ...

BDSharp replaces the complexity of the BD specification with simple, easy to understand nomenclature: logo, film, episode, trailer, button type. It has been designed to automate most of the creation workflow that saves your valuable time and increases title throughput. All BD objects, commands, links are created automatically. Forget PSR/GPR, navigation commands, movie objects, script language and other obscure terminology, only focus what you should do! Enjoy BDSharp to build your BD titles!

Please note that Free edition only builds 4 mintues and some features are not supported.

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Core Features:

  • Proved excellent playback compatibility.
  • Compliant support for all three video codecs.
  • Compiles all primary audio codecs supported by BD specification.
  • Compiles subtitles in sup format.
  • Popup/always-on Menu, multi-page menu, button sound.
  • Import Photoshop Layered PSD file for menu.
  • Import Scenarist Designer file for menu.
  • Import interactive graphics file (*.ies) created by third-party tools.
  • Batch add imports multiple stream files and create several episodes automatically.
  • Radio and check button support.
  • Auto and smart button tracking, highlight the appropriate button based current playback state: subtitle number, audio number, chapter number.
  • Build button neighbour automatcally.
  • Multi-version, multi-logo, multi-film, multi-language menu.
  • Seamless playback for multi-segment.
  • 3 playlist type: PlayAll, Separate, Separate and PlayAll.
  • Creates chapters, import csv chapter file.
  • Still mode and still time.
  • Playback loop count.
  • Save project file.
  • Powerful and very easy to use.
  • Most affordable professional Blu-ray authoring tool.

Support media type:

  • Video format: MPEG-2, H.264(MPEG-4 AVC), VC-1
  • Audio format: LPCM, AC3, MLP(TrueHD), DTS, DTS-HD
  • Subtitle format: SUP(PGS)
  • Menu format: Photoshop PSD, Scenarist Designer file, Interactive Graphics(IES)
  • Button Sounds: Linear PCM (48K,16-bits,mono/stereo)

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Core 2 Quad or above
  • 2 GB RAM or above
  • GeForce 7600 GT or above
  • 80 GB of free hard drive space

Screen Shots:


  • Batch add lets you import several stream files one time and will create corresponding episodes from them automactically.
  • Set button type and parameter for multiple buttons. In page view, with CTRL or SHIFT key, you can select multiple buttons.
  • As Dolby True-HD (MLP) audio has 2 sub-streams (*.ac3, *.mlp), please only import *.mlp. If you import *.ac3, it will only add the ac3 track.
  • You can name audio and subtitle stream with a language suffix "_xxx", When added, xxx will be recognised as language code automactically. For example, transformers_zho.sup will be added as chinese track.

News and update:

1.1.0 released!
- New: Build dialog for more information.
- New: Quick start guide.
- Fixed: Several minor bugs.
- Changed: Some labels and terms.

1.0.0 (First release)