IGFix 1.0.0

IGFix is an easy and straightforward Blu-ray menu reauthoring tool. It enables you to update menu images in m2ts file with a few mouse clicks.

IGFix allows you to rip all graphics from IG menu (multiplexed or non-multiplexed). After you edit the graphics with your favorite tool like Photoshop, IGFix can import the new images and multiplex them into m2ts automatically. All the original features in the title will be kept of course.

IGFix does not support BD-J menus as you can edit them directly.

Restriction for free edition: Disable import new images, rip the first 30 graphics, show the first 5 button commands only.

[$99] [Free Edition] [Buy now]

Main Functions:

  • View IG structure.
  • Show the properties of M2ts/Page/BOG/Button in detail.
  • List button commands.
  • Show page with three button states.
  • Rip all graphics in IG menu.
  • Import new graphics and mux them into new m2ts.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Core 2 Quad or above
  • 2 GB RAM or above
  • GeForce 7600 GT or above
  • 80 GB of free hard drive space

Screen Shots:


  • Please always backup the orginal menu files (clpi/m2ts) before manual replacement.
  • IGFix always rips all the menu graphics, but you only need edit those which you care. The others can be deleted or ignored.
  • Double-click Page/BOG/Button to preview page.
  • The ripped graphics are in 8-bit, you can not change the filename, size and palette.

How to edit the ripped graphic in PhotoShop?

  • Open the ripped graphic with indexed color and ignore the color managment.
  • Save the palette of the graphic for late use (Go to Image > Mode > Color Table).
  • Change the image mode to RGB (Go to Image > Mode > RGB Color). Or Press "Ctrl+A" and then copy/paste it into a different document.
  • Edit the graphic as you like.
  • Change back the image mode to Indexed Color use the saved palette (Go to Image > Mode > Indexed Color).
  • Save file.

News and update:

1.0.0 (First release)